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Skills & Experience

With over 40 years of experience in the healthcare, IT, and advisory sectors, our partners are seasoned executives, entrepreneurs, and independent directors focused on innovation and healthcare. They co-founded and built VieCure Inc., a company that revolutionized oncology care with its patented AI platform, attracting over $50M in capital and establishing industry leadership. 

One of our Managing Partners served as a NACD Certified Independent Director and Chair of the Governance & Nominating Committee of Point Biopharma and contributing member of their audit, compensation, and investment committees.  Point is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that pioneered radioligand therapies for cancer.  He helped the company  secure a $1.4B cash exit to Eli Lilly at an 85% premium. 

We are insightful visionaries with strong entrepreneurial instincts.  We have led and advised multiple organizations to deliver cutting-edge solutions, forge strategic partnerships, and achieve profitable growth.  Our partners have led operations, sales, business development, marketing, product management, engineering, QA, human resources and finance with P&L responsibilities within multiple organizations ranging from startups to multi-national public companies.  We are effective at finding solutions across diverse stakeholder groups and we have extensive contacts and credibility in oncology and healthcare IT.  


Our experience in strategic, business, and capital planning coupled with strong innovation, process, and technology skills allow us to be clever innovators with excellent team building, leadership, and emotional intelligence skills.


Our mission is to leverage our expertise and network to support practical and cost-effective healthcare innovation and quality improvement through additional independent board roles and by providing Board and C-suite level advisory services.

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